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01.Custom Artwork

I will do a Custom Racing Arwork | T-Shirt Design
Custom Racing TShirt Desing


About this Service

If you are passionate about motor sports, have a sports car or simply want to stand out in your event or business, with printed shirts with a design that impresses and attracts attention, you are in the right place. T-shirts printed with impressive designs from your favorite race or sport are a great way to stand out and attract audiences who are passionate about motorsports.

Hello, I am Ulises Morales. I am a Freelance Illustrator and Color Separator for Screen Printing. If you are here it is because you are looking for a design for your line of t-shirts that is impressive and eye-catching. Like you, I am passionate about off road and track modified car racing. That’s why I specialize in racing and motorsports illustrations that will be printed on t-shirts. As well as designs for transport and construction truck companies. I will make a design for your line of t-shirts.

I can create custom racing artwork for your Motorsport events and team. If you want a Design for your Dirt Late Model Car, Quarter Midget, Mud Bog Truck, Rally, Off-road, Boat Racing, Trucking Company , Classic Car Show, your event or Bussines… I can help!

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If the Sketch doesn’t satisfy you, and you think it won’t work, I’ll give you your money back!.

Custom Artwork


$150 to $ 350







My  Process


I will make a sketch with the general idea of your art. And after knowing what you think, I will make the necessary changes such as adding or removing elements or if it is necessary to change the idea.​


Final Art

After confirming the sketch I will work on the final art, adding color, highlights, and shadows.


Color Separation / DTG

If the final art is to your liking, let's proceed with the color separation. I will include PMS, recommended sequence as well as the frequency and angle of the point. If they will be printed in DTG, I will make the files you will need.


ADVANCE: If the idea has been to your liking, I will send a first invoice for an advance of 50%. That can be paid safely through Stripe or Paypal

MOCKUPS: I will send a sample of the final art placed on a shirt of the color you want. This way you will have a better idea of what your printed art will look like.

​The final files can be downloaded from my web platform and you will also have access to the Dropbox folder where your files will be backed up.​ At the end of the project I will send the invoice with the remaining 50%.


The Files You Receive
Sample Layers AI @ SprintCAR SC001
Source File

PSD, AI or CDR. Vectors as well as digital arts, as far as possible, will be layered so that they can be edited. And PNG image with High Resolution

Color Separation

I deliver in a PSD file. But if you require it, I can also deliver in PDF, TIFF, AI or whatever format you need.


The art presented on t-shirts of the color you want. PNG and JPEG images.

Work Order

I will include PMS, recommended sequence as well as the frequency and angle of the point. If they will be printed in DTG, I will make the files you will need.

Upload your Images or elements

Asking does not cost anything.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Send Me information and Pictures of your truck or car. The final size of the art , Color Shirt and confirm if you want the color separation.  If you have any ideas in mind, let me know. If not, don’t worry, I’ll take care of the rest.

    With all the information you send me – photographs, images, graphics, etc – I will make a sketch and send it to you on the first or second day of your order. I will gladly answer any questions you may have. You can request the changes you want. After confirming the sketch, I will work on the final art. I will send an image for your final opinion. After confirming the final artwork, I will prepare the file (s) for color separation. I will also send you to a Dropbox link where you can always have your files.

    Source File (PSD, ai, cdr), Color Separation (PSD, ai, pdf or TIFF files), Mockup T-shirt, Images in high resolution and Work Order (Mesh, Print sequence, PMS, Frequency, and angle). If you need another type of file, let me know and I will send you.

    From 4 to 6 days. I always strive to deliver it before the deadline. I like to dedicate the time necessary to deliver a job to your satisfaction.

    My interest is your total satisfaction. You will see that I am flexible and reasonable. I understand that changes are required at times. I will make all the reasonable changes you need at the Sketch stage. If you want to make changes to the final art, it will be a pleasure to make them, if they do not involve changing the total concept of the art.

    Don’t worry, I have experience with various printing methods. If you have questions, let me know, I will gladly help you choose the best for you.




    You will need files with the color separation that your shop will use in the process of printing your art on t-shirts. Usually a PSD file is used. However, it will depend on each workshop. There are those who require a PDF, CDR or AI file. if you are not sure, do not hesitate to contact me.




    For More Additional
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    Please feel free to contact me for details! If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them and to offer you the whole assortment of my services!