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I will do a Professional Color Separation for your Art
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Color Separation Services

Hello!! thanks for visiting. I am Ulises Morales. I am a Illustrator Freelance and Color Separator. 

I will do a color separation for your design. From simple designs to complex illustrations. I will adapt to the capacity of your equipment or workshop.  If you use RIP (AccuRip, FastRIP, etc.) you will receive detailed color separations grayscale so you can print halftones. Color separations will not have smooth edges. These will be clear and sharp. Separations ready to print your films on laser or inkjet printer.

If you require a separation of complex image and has no RIP to print halftones, I will send the file with halftone image, so you just worry about printing.


$35 to $60

Color Separationfor Complex and Detailed Arts.

1 to 2 Days Delivery

  • Type of Color Separation: Simulated Process  -Spot Color with gradients – or Index Process.
  • Inks: 6 a 12 Inks. Complex and Detailed Arts.
  • Work Order: include PMS, recommended sequence as well as the frequency and angle of the point.
  • Files: PSD, AI, CDR, PDF or TIFF





You will receive:A color separation file – pdf, tiff, psd, ai or cdr files-, and Work Order.

Types of Separations

  • Simulated Process (photorealistic image, halftone)
  • Indexed Process (Detailed images. No halftone necessary and positive can be printed on any printer)
  • CMYK (Pictures for white shirts)

Note:Separations in black shirts or color, have a Underbase White and a white highlight. You can send me any type of file, and I’ll take care of the rest.

If you want to know more about my service, see the Frequently Asked Questions see.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Premium service. If you have complex and detailed art, which will be printed with 6 inks or more, and you want to print the closest thing to digital art, this is the service for you. If you need something simpler, contact me.

Preferably a PSD, AI or CDR file. However, I understand that it is not always possible to have a source file. You can send JPEG or PNG, the best possible quality.




You can send me the file, before starting the order. I will gladly review your file. And I will help you choose the best.




 deliver a color separation in a PSD file. Which can be printed each color from the Channel Palette. However, if you need a different file, such as AI, CDR, PDF or TIFF, I will also deliver it to you. Just let me know. Along with the Color Separation file, I provide a PNG Image, and a work order where I indicate PMS, Number of Meshes, Sequence, Point Size and Angle.

It will depend on what works for you. I can do its Color Separation in Simulated Process (Spot colors with Halftone) or Indexed Process (Random Square Dots). Let me know what works for you. If you are not sure, I will help you choose the best for your art or archive.




RIP is required to print halftones, in the case of Index Process, it is not required. I will include the Halftone in the image. And in any type of printer you have, you can print your films with halftones.




The ideal is to print with a RIP. However, if there is no other option than to create the halftones in your color separation, they will be high resolution and good quality files. Knowing the number of meshes you use will help me deliver a point size and angle suitable for your workflow.




Of course. You can see my Previous Work.
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Please feel free to contact me for details! If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them and to offer you the whole assortment of my services!